Bast Boat

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10 Şubat 2024 - 20:11

Bast Boat

Cortina 480 Cabin: Indispensable for Sea Enthusiasts

P.P.H. SAK-BOAT is a brand that has strengthened its place in the industry as a motor boat manufacturer. Founded in 2010 by Sebastian Jurkiewicz, this private company operates in the field of production and trade. Their main area of expertise is products made from high quality composite materials. Cortina 480 boats, designed specifically for anglers and anyone who wants to spend valuable time on the water, are currently one of the company’s priority projects.

P.P.H. As SAK-BOAT, we attach great importance to the safety of the users of our products. Therefore, the boats we produce are rigorously tested and fully comply with safety standards and relevant regulations. Our boats, which have conformity certificates through the certification bodies (Polish Upper/Lower Case Transport), offer our customers a reliable and safe sea experience.

Cortina 480 Cabin is one of the indispensable choices of sea enthusiasts with its features and design. These boats, every detail of which has been carefully considered, promise their users a safe and enjoyable sea journey. P.P.H. As SAK-BOAT, we continue to work to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and meet the expectations of sea enthusiasts.

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