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Gianetti Yachts

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14 Şubat 2024 - 12:32

Gianetti Yachts


Gianetti Yachts: The Perfect Combination of Luxury and Technology

Gianetti Yachts is leaving a unique mark on the maritime world with the beautifully crafted, elegantly designed and highly engineered Mirage 401. Designed and carefully built in Italy, this 38.5-meter aluminum displacement boat reflects the adventurous spirit of the sea while enjoying a second home filled with comfort and luxury.

Modern and Stylish Design
Mirage 401 draws attention with its contemporary design. This boat, where every detail has been meticulously considered and designed, combines pioneering technology and engineering to deliver a perfect maritime experience. With its wide body and elegant lines, Mirage 401 not only appeals to the eye but also stands out with its high performance.

Comfortable and Luxurious Living Spaces
Mirage 401 offers spacious and luxurious living spaces that can comfortably accommodate 10 passengers with its 3 generous decks. The interiors, where every detail is carefully considered, create a feeling of luxury space and also offer a comfortable accommodation experience. With its stylish and modern design, Mirage 401 is an ideal option for those who want to experience the comfort of a second home at sea.

Optimized Performance
Gianetti Yachts designed the Mirage 401’s hull and propulsion system to deliver the best performance. The boat is optimized for the most commonly used speeds of 10-14 knots and cruising speeds in half displacement mode. In this way, Mirage 401 offers both a pleasant journey and superior performance.

Customizability and Flexibility
Although Mirage 401 is ready for completion, it can be adapted to the needs and demands of any discerning customer. Gianetti Yachts offers flexibility and customizability to meet its customers’ wishes and deliver the best sailing experience.

Gianetti Yachts’ Mirage 401 makes a difference in the maritime world with its excellent design, superior performance and luxurious living spaces. This unique boat, where every detail has been carefully considered, is the ideal option for an unforgettable adventure at sea.

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