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President Yachts 

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24 Şubat 2024 - 18:40

President Yachts 
President Yachts: 40 Years of Luxury Experience at Sea

Located in the tropical coastal Jiangjun Boat Harbor in Southern Taiwan’s Tainan City, President Yachts International has been manufacturing and exporting luxury yachts worldwide for over 40 years. Founded from humble beginnings in 1968, the company, under the leadership of founder Eddie Yeh, has emerged as a fiberglass boat manufacturer with its own substantial line of skids for rigging boats, sea testing and general testing.

President Yachts has maintained its presence in the industry for more than half a century, producing a wide range of products, from its first product, the President 41 Sun Deck, to 150-foot superyachts today. Since its inception, the company has been home to approximately 150 talented craftsmen, engineers, designers and support staff and has exported more than 1,200 yachts to boating markets around the world. President Yachts has maintained continuous growth and quality development despite economic difficulties and intense competition.

The company has become a well-known brand in markets such as Europe, Australia, Japan, China and the United States and is focused on developing better products with new technological innovations. For example, thanks to the partnership with Nissan, more than 200 yachts have been produced for the Japanese market.

President Yachts received prestigious awards such as the National Certificate of Excellence and Outstanding Product Awards in the early 1990s for its vessels’ streamlined appearance, excellent durability, and artistic and practical interior design. The company’s products are built in accordance with Japan’s international NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) classification, as well as the high standards of France’s BV (Bureau Veritas) and Italy’s RINA (Registro Italiano Navals).

President Yachts is constantly working to improve the quality of its products. It has received ISO 9001 quality system certification from Bureau Veritas, the first shipyard in Taiwan to receive such certification, and holds the European Conformity Type Examination Certificate (CE) from RINA. By switching to computer graphics, the company is able to produce faster and more accurate 3D fluid dynamics wave patterns and resistance technology studies, allowing potential owners to better understand the yacht’s performance and structure.

In recent years, the company has collaborated with renowned American designer Ted Hood to develop a 66-foot luxury, high-performance Expedition Yacht. President Yachts’ custom-built yachts meet customers’ requirements and specifications. The company is focused on improving the performance and comfort of its ships by constantly renewing the interiors.

Thanking its loyal customers, suppliers and supporters, President Yachts states that it will be pleased to serve its future customers and is happy to have them with them in the continuation of their journey.

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